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Tower of God (Kami no Tou) (2020) Anime [Eng Sub] [Eng Dub] Download

Tower of God 1380min | Animation, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery | April 1, 2020 (Japan) Summary: Reach the top, and everything will be yours. At the top of the tower exists everything in this world, and all of it can be yours.
Countries: Japan, South KoreaLanguages: Japanese


There is a tower that summons chosen people called “Regulars” with the promise of granting their deepest desires. Whether it be wealth, fame, authority, or something that surpasses them all—everything awaits those who reach the top.

Twenty-Fifth Bam is a boy who had only known a dark cave, a dirty cloth, and an unreachable light his entire life. So when a girl named Rachel came to him through the light, his entire world changed. Becoming close friends with Rachel, he learned various things about the outside world from her. But when Rachel says she must leave him to climb the Tower, his world shatters around him. Vowing to follow after her no matter what it takes, he sets his sight on the tower, and a miracle occurs.

Thus begins the journey of Bam, a young boy who was not chosen by the Tower but opened its gates by himself. They call his kind “Irregulars”—beings that have shaken the very foundation of the Tower each time they set foot inside it.

Alternative Titles

  • English: Tower of God
  • Japanese: 神之塔 -Tower of God-
  • Synonyms: Kami no Tou


  • Type: TV Series
  • Episodes: 13
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Download Tower of God (Kami no Tou) (2021) [English Sub] [English Dub]

Tower of God (Kami no Tou) (2020) [Eng Sub] [1080p]

Tower of God (Kami no Tou) (2020) [Eng Dub] [1080p]

About Tower of God (Kami no Tou) (2020) Anime Tv Series

Tower of God (Korean: 신의 탑; RR: Sin-ui Tap) is a South Korean manhwa released as a webtoon written and illustrated by S.I.U. It has been serialized in Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June 2010, with the individual chapters collected and published by Young Com into eight volumes as of July 2021. Tower of God received official English translations by Line Webtoon beginning in July 2014.

It has received a mobile game and merchandise. In Japan, the web manhwa received an anime television series adaptation by Telecom Animation Film that first premiered on Naver Series On in South Korea, and aired in Japan immediately afterward. It originally aired from April to June 2020. Crunchyroll licensed and simulcasted the Japanese broadcast version of the anime for its streaming service.


Tower of God centers around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. It is notable that in Korea ‘Bam’ can mean ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut’. He has spent most of his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his close friend, Rachel, to keep him company. When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam is devastated. Somehow, Bam manages to open the door to the Tower. Now, he will go any distance to see Rachel again even if it means dying. When he enters the Tower, he meets allies that will help him up the tower.

“The Tower” is a mysterious structure that is completely enclosed and hosts many unique environments. It is permeated by an element called “Shinsu”, which has strange properties similar to magic in other comic universes. It is inhabited by many different intelligent species. Living on the top floors is associated with a higher status in the Tower and better living conditions. This is because ascension from one floor to the next is only allowed by passing increasingly difficult tests of strength, dexterity and wit. Regulars are any individuals from the Outer Tower chosen to climb the tower in the Inner Tower. Former Regulars who reach the top of the Tower are known as Rankers, and are generally much more powerful than others. Rankers are often put to work administering the lower floors. At the top of the Tower sit the “10 Great Families”, which form the governing body of the Tower. A figure known as King Jahad (or ‘Zahard’, in some translations) is the chief leader of this body.

Each floor is composed of three layers: an external Outer Tower which serves as the residential area, an Inner Tower where people are tested, and a Middle Area, which acts as a network linking each floor. Residents of each floor are given the chance to ascend, provided that they are deemed “worthy” of doing so by Headon, the First Floor’s Guardian and caretaker of the Tower. Such people are referred to as “Chosen Regulars” in Tower of God. The Tower is sealed from the vast, unknown “Outside” by portentous, impenetrable doors. On rare occasions, extraordinary people are able to open the doors and enter the Tower. Such people are called “Irregulars” in the manhwa, and Twenty-Fifth Bam is one of them.

According to the author, each floor is the size of the North American continent. Each floor often has its own culture, language and governance systems, and it is not uncommon to have nations living in isolation and unaware of the existence of the tower.

Only Irregulars are exempt from the contract Jahad struck with the Tower Guardians that made him immortal. Thus, only an Irregular can kill Jahad. This fact drives much of the plot in Tower of God.

Shinsu (Hangul: 신수, RR: Shin-soo), roughly translated as “Divine Water”, is a substance found within the Tower in varying concentrations on each floor. On the lower floors, Shinsu is diffuse and inconspicuous, similar to air. However, on higher floors, Shinsu increases in power and concentration, and is said to be viscous and flowing similarly to water. High Shinsu resistance is required to enter these floors. Residents in the tower must form a contract with the “administrator” of the respective floors in order to manipulate Shinsu. However, individual known as “Irregulars” seem to be an exception to this case, with one (Enryu) who even managed to kill a seemingly immortal administrator of a floor.

Shinsu can be manipulated to enhance physical abilities, powerful weapons, and even manipulate the elements. Bang (Korean-방) is the number of discrete units of Shinsu control. The more Bangs someone handle, the better the ability to control shinsu. The size of the units is called Myeon (Korean-면), and the concentration is called Soo (Korean-수). Though used with varying degrees of explicitness and even conscious awareness, its use seems to be inextricable from combat within the Tower. Shinsu reinforcement (Korean-신수강화-shinsooganghwa) is a technique used to strengthen the body, and is commonly used by Regulars. Those who are strong with Shinsu have their aging slowed to the point where they become effectively immortal. It is unclear to what extent aging is slowed simply by living in the tower without training to use Shinsu.

Shinsu does not have a fixed flow, but there is a temporary flow. Using this flow to attack is called flow control. Expert wave controllers could destroy a village with this. Reverse flow control is used to strike back in the direction of the flow and to stop the opponent. Sometimes they are used simultaneously, attacking with flow control and protecting the body with reverse flow control. Flow control is a favored technique of Twenty-Fifth Bam.

Most battles in the tower are done in teams. Each person in a team plays a certain role in battle, which are referred to as positions. There are five basic positions: fisherman (낚시꾼 nakksiggun), spear-bearer (창지기 changjigi), light-bearer (등대지기 deungdaejigi), scout (탐색꾼 tamsaekggun), and wave-controller (파도잡이 padojabi). Fishermen are direct fighters, spear-bearers are a fighting support class, light-bearers provide distant reconnaissance, scouts provide on-ground reconnaissance, and wave-controllers control Shinsu. There are other positions, such as guide, but they are rare.

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