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Castle in the Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa) Movie [Dual Audio] [Eng Sub] Download


In a world filled with planes and airships, Sheeta is a young girl who has been kidnapped by government agents who seek her mysterious crystal amulet. While trapped aboard an airship, she finds herself without hope—that is, until the ship is raided by pirates. Taking advantage of the ensuing confusion, Sheeta manages to flee from her captors. Upon her escape, she meets Pazu, a boy who dreams of reaching the fabled flying castle, Laputa. The two decide to embark on a journey together to discover this castle in the sky. However, they soon find the government agents back on their trail, as they too are trying to reach Laputa for their own greedy purposes.

Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa follows the soaring adventures of Sheeta and Pazu, all while they learn how dreams and dire circumstances can bring two people closer together.

Alternative Titles

  • English: Castle in the Sky
  • Japanese:  天空の城ラピュタ
  • Synonyms: Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa


  • Type: Movie
  • Episodes: 1
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Download Castle in the Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa) Movie in English Subtitles & Dual Audio

Castle in the Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa) Movie [Eng Sub] [Dual Audio] [720p]

Castle in the Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa) Movie [Eng Sub] [Dual Audio] [1080p]

About Castle in the Sky (Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa) Anime Movie

Laputa: Castle in the Sky, known as Tenkū no Shiro: Laputa in Japan and Castle in the Sky in North America, is a 1986 Japanese animated fantasy adventure film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It was the first film produced by Studio Ghibli and was produced for Tokuma Shoten. It follows the adventures of a young boy and girl in the late 19th century attempting to keep a magic crystal from a group of military agents, while searching for a legendary floating castle. The film was distributed by Toei Company.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky won the Animage Anime Grand Prix in 1986. The film has received positive reviews and grossed over $15.5 million at the box office, and went on to gross a total of approximately $157 million in box office, home video and soundtrack sales. In Japanese polls of greatest animations, it was voted the second best animated film at the 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival and was voted first place in a 2008 Oricon audience poll. Castle in the Sky has had a strong influence on Japanese popular culture, and has inspired numerous films, media and games, in Japan and internationally. It is also considered an influential classic in the steampunk and dieselpunk genres.


An airship carrying Sheeta, a young orphan girl who has been abducted by government agent Muska, is attacked by Captain Dola and her air pirate sons who are in search of Sheeta’s small blue crystal pendant. In the resulting struggle, Sheeta falls from the airship but her descent is slowed by a mysterious power within the amulet. She safely lands in a small mining town where she is discovered by a brave young orphan boy named Pazu, who takes her to his home to recover. Pazu tells her of a mysterious floating city named Laputa which is visible in a picture taken by his father. Later, they are pursued by Dola’s pirates, and then by Muska’s soldiers. Eventually, the two fall into an abandoned mine, where they encounter the local eccentric Uncle Pomme, who informs them that Sheeta’s amulet is made of hikōseki (飛行石, “levitation stone”) crystal (“Volucite” or “Aetherium” in English-language releases), a material used to keep Laputa and the other flying cities aloft.

Upon leaving the mines, Sheeta tells Pazu that her full name is Lucita Toel Ul Laputa. They are then captured by Muska and taken to the fortress of Tedis, where Pazu is imprisoned in a dungeon tower while Sheeta is imprisoned in a more lavish room. Muska shows Sheeta a dormant Laputan robot and reveals his knowledge of her secret name, which he interprets to be that of the Laputan royal line. Muska then threatens Pazu’s life to obtain Sheeta’s cooperation. For his own safety, Sheeta orders Pazu to leave and Muska offers him money to leave and forget about Laputa.

A distraught Pazu returns home, where he is ambushed by Dola and her sons. After hearing Pazu out, they prepare to intercept and capture the crystal, allowing Pazu to join them. As preparations proceed, Sheeta recites an apotropaic verse and unexpectedly activates the amulet and the robot, which follows Sheeta, destroying the fortress along the way until it is overcome by the military’s airship Goliath. Pazu arrives and rescues Sheeta, but Muska obtains the amulet. The pirates, accompanied by Pazu and Sheeta, return to their airship, Tiger Moth. They pursue the Goliath, which is following directions indicated by Sheeta’s amulet to locate Laputa. Dola puts Pazu to work with her husband in the engine room, while Sheeta becomes the ship’s cook. That night, joining Pazu on lookout duty, Sheeta reveals that her grandmother taught her many spells as a child, including a Spell of Destruction.

During an encounter with the Goliath, Dola tells Pazu and Sheeta how to turn the lookout into a kite, allowing them a higher view of their surroundings. The Tiger Moth soon approaches a hurricane, in which Pazu spots a swirl of clouds. Recognizing the clouds from his father’s picture, he tells Dola they have found Laputa and insists they must head toward the eye of the storm. However, the Goliath appears and opens fire on the Tiger Moth, sending it crashing down in flames. A gunshot severs the cable connecting the lookout kite to the ship, sending Pazu and Sheeta drifting off into the clouds. They land on Laputa, only to find the city ruined and overgrown, inhabited only by birds and its robot sentinels.

Dola’s pirates are captured and Muska’s soldiers plunder the city’s treasures. Upon gaining entrance to the city’s central sphere, a vast repository for all of Laputa’s scientific knowledge, Muska captures Sheeta and his agents open fire upon Pazu, who escapes and frees the pirates before finding a way into the sphere. In the center of Laputa, which contains the immense ‘volucite’ crystal keeping the city aloft, Muska identifies himself as “Romuska Palo Ul Laputa”, another member of Laputa’s royal line, and uses Sheeta’s crystal to access the advanced Laputan technology. He betrays his own soldiers and destroys the Goliath by unleashing Laputa’s weapon of mass destruction and robot army, while declaring his intent to use both to conquer the world. During the mayhem, the horrified Sheeta retrieves the crystal amulet and flees, but Muska pursues her. Hearing Pazu’s voice, Sheeta gives the amulet to him through a gap in the wall and is cornered by Muska in Laputa’s throne room.

During her confrontation with Muska, Sheeta explains that the people of Laputa left the castle because they realized that man was meant to live on earth and not in the sky. Muska refuses her arguments, shoots off her braids and threatens to kill her unless the crystal amulet is given to him. Pazu requests to be allowed to talk with Sheeta; Muska grants them one minute (three in the original Japanese version). At his request, Sheeta tells Pazu the Spell of Destruction, and they both recite the spell, causing the castle to disintegrate and blinding Muska, who then falls to his death offscreen. After surviving the collapse, Pazu and Sheeta reunite with Dola and her pirates and leave Laputa behind. When they part with the pirates, Pazu flies Sheeta home as he had promised her, to start a new life together.

During the end credits, the remnants of Laputa float in orbit, maintained by the volucite crystal embedded in the roots of the central tree.

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