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Takt Op. Destiny (2021) [Eng Sub] [Dual Audio] Download

Takt Op. Destiny 1440min | Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Music | October 6, 2021 (Japan) Summary: In a world where aliens have invaded Earth and banned music, a group of fighter musicians use music as a weapon to maintain a resistance.
Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese


The United States of America has been in chaos ever since the emergence of D2s, an invasive species originating from a black meteorite that fell to Earth. A public decree banned citizens from playing any melodies, to prevent further casualties caused by the D2s’ hatred for music—even now, in 2047, this prohibition is still in effect. Humanity’s only form of defense against the D2s are Musicarts, young women representing pieces of classical music; and Conductors, the ones controlling them.

Takt Asahina, an aloof piano prodigy, finds himself transformed into a Conductor following a spontaneous D2 attack. The same incident kills Anna Schneider’s younger sister, Cosette, and brings Takt into contact with his Musicart, Destiny. Searching for a means of stabilizing the pact between themselves, Takt and Destiny—alongside Anna—embark on a perilous journey to the Symphonica Headquarters in New York City.

Takt is in a hurry to reach the city so that he can play the piano again, even though his passion attracts the creatures he has come to despise. Meanwhile, Destiny’s sense of duty drags the group into trouble along the way. With a D2-infested path and many more arduous obstacles ahead of them, will the trio make it to New York City in one piece?

Alternative Titles

  • English: takt op.Destiny
  • Japanese: タクトオーパス
  • Synonyms: takt op. Destiny


  • Type: TV Series
  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Status: Currently Airing
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p
  • Audio: Japanese & English
  • Subtitles: English

Download Takt Op. Destiny (2021) [English Sub]

Takt Op. Destiny (2021) [Eng Sub] [480p]

Takt Op. Destiny (2021) [Eng Sub] [720p]

Takt Op. Destiny (2021) [Eng Sub] [1080p]

About Takt Op. Destiny (2021) Anime TV Series

Takt Op (Japanese: タクトオーパス, Hepburn: Takuto Ōpasu, stylized as takt op.) is a mixed-media project about classical music produced by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA. A mobile game developed by Game Studio titled Takt Op. Unmei wa Akaki Senritsu no Machi o will be released in 2021, and an anime television series by MAPPA and Madhouse titled Takt Op. Destiny premiered in October 2021.


Takt Op is set in the year 2047, a future world where music cannot be played freely because it attracts monsters called “D2s.” These monsters were produced by a black meteorite containing Black Night Siderites which fell from the sky years ago. They hate the music produced by humans and are drawn to the music source and attempt to destroy it. To combat the D2s, “Musicarts,” girls drawn from classical music sheets and deriving their power from “Harmonia Ore,” are directed by human “Conductors” to fight the monsters.


Takt Asahina (朝雛タクト, Asahina Takuto)

A Conductor who makes a pact with Destiny. He prioritizes music over everything. He is generally appears lazy and unfriendly, but he is obsessed with music and has outstanding piano skills. His father was Kenji Asahina, a famous conductor who was killed 10 years ago by the D2s. Takt’s right arm has the ability to become a powerful weapon which can transform into a conductor’s baton and directs Destiny to fight the D2s.

Destiny (運命, Unmei) / Cosette Schneider (コゼット・シュナイダー, Kozetto Shunaidā)

A Musicart born from Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven). She was once the human named Cosette Schneider, the younger sister of Anna, who became a Musicart connected with Takt after she died protecting him from the D2s. Due to her unnatural process of becoming a Musicart, Destiny’s condition is deemed unstable. Despite not having memory of being Cosette, Destiny seems to like sweets just like Cosette—especially the Tarte Tatin that Anna makes.

Anna Schneider (アンナ・シュナイダー, Anna Shunaidā)

Takt’s childhood friend and the older sister of Cosette—now Destiny. She is taking the two of them on a journey to New York on a quest to rectify Destiny’s unstable condition.

Lenny (Leonard) (レニー, Renī)

A Conductor with the New York Symphonica, an organization which aims to annihilate D2. He rides a motorcycle and travels with the Musicart Titan. He and Titan helped Takt adjusting his new life as Conductor as well accompanied him, Destiny, and Anna halfway to New York.

Titan (巨人, Kyojin)

A Musicart born from Symphony No. 1 (Mahler) who travels with Lenny. She is carefree and sometimes explains things with onomatopoeia, but shows some serious attitude on some occasion.

Heaven (天国, Tengoku)

A Musicart who belongs to New York Symphonica.

Hell (地獄, Jigoku)

A Musicart who belongs to New York Symphonica and who has made a pact with Schindler.

Schindler (シントラー, Shintorā)

A conductor who also the chief commander of New York Symphonica. He directs the organization with his right hand man Sagan.

Sagan (ザーガン, Zāgan)

Chief Executive Officer of New York Symphonica’s strategic base. He also serves as the GM (Grand Maestro).

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